Our Approach

We are implementing the 5X5% Performance Standards:

  • Privately funded construction.
  • Solar-powered mobility networks
  • 5X (time) more efficient than roads.
  • Pay 5% of gross revenues to use public Rights of Way.
  • Regulated by existing Georgia laws for theme park thrill rides (50,000 times better safety record than roads).

Meet the Team

The team came together in a decade-long effort to convert Georgia traffic costs into jobs, customer savings, and profits.


Charlie Fletcher

Founder & CEO

Major General (retired). Charlie was the US Army's Deputy G4, Transportation Commanding General, Corps Logistics for the invasion of Iraq Commanding General


Bill James

Co-Founder and CTO

Inventor and patent holder of JPods solar-powered mobility networks. CEO of JPods LLC.


Madgie Murray

Co-Founder and Director of Georgia Development

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Dave Thomas

Co-Founder and Director of Deployment

Navy veteran


Stuart Fleming

Co-Founder and Direct of Alliances

Airforce veteran.


Next Steps...

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